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C-Loop On Kickstarter: A Simple Mod To Improve Your Camera Strap

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While I don’t share this inventor’s enmity towards the traditional camera strap, I can certainly see the benefits of the C-Loop project, which moves the anchor point of the strap to the tripod mount. While I feel certain shortcomings of this configuration are downplayed, I have to say that the system has some really obvious applications, and would probably sell a bunch if made.

The C-Loop system screws into the tripod mount, but allows you to spin the camera independently. This means you can sling the camera sideways to make it more compact or protect a large lens, and it can’t exactly get tangled with only one contact point like that.

My concern is that the camera will naturally want to hang with its back towards you, lens out. In that case, the grip will usually be on the wrong side, since the camera is upside-down. Definitely not more convenient. And you’re not likely to have it resting with the lens towards you. No, you generally will want it to be sideways, with the lens pointing toward your shooting hand, but I’m concerned it won’t naturally tend to sit there.

The benefit of two contact points for the strap is that the camera’s orientation remains correct almost no matter what. Whatever you do and however you lean, the camera will always be in the “ready” position, lens out, grip towards your gripping hand. A battery grip might change that situation, of course, and it depends on what lenses you use and how you shoot.

Those criticisms said, it’s still a very useful option, and I’d want one in my gear cabinet just in case. Besides, it fits on any camera with a tripod mount, so it’s more than a DSLR accessory.

Does this thing look interesting to you? Go pledge a few bucks on Kickstarter!