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Flickr Co-Founder Caterina Fake Joins New Startup, Hunch

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Caterina Fake, who co-founded Flickr along with her husband Stewart Butterfield in 2004, has announced her plans to join a fledgling new startup called Hunch. Flickr is one of the web’s most popular photo-sharing sites, and was acquired by Yahoo in 2005 for $35 million. Since then, Flickr has been one of Yahoo’s most successful properties, but Fake left the company in June as part of the executive exodus from the struggling search giant.

In her blog post on the matter, Fake says that she will be joining Hunch as Chief Product Officer. Details about the New York-based startup are very slim at this point, and Fake’s description doesn’t shed much light on the matter:

“What is Hunch? Well, as you might assume, it is a consumer internet application, it will have a lot of user participation, and it is more than a little fun. Beyond that, we’re still making it up.”

Beyond that nebulous description, Fake offers few details beyond stating that Butterfield won’t be involved with the project.