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Flypaper Raises $3.5 Million For Interactive Presentations

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编辑: 1   作者: Techcrunch   时间: 2018/12/11 20:56:54  

Flypaper Studio, a startup that allows users to create flash-based web presentations without any programming experience, has closed a $3.5 million round of funding. The round was led by Sierra Ventures and SCF Arizona, and brings the company’s total funding to around $6.5 million.

Flypaper behaves like a mix between Microsoft’s PowerPoint and Adobe Flash. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, users can create interactive Flash-based presentations that are typically more engaging than standard PowerPoint slides. The company also offers a paid version that allows companies to monitor which users are watching the presentations and how they are interacting with them. The company plans to use the funding to expand on these professional offerings and to enhance its marketing campaign.

Given the ubiquity of Flash, it’s no surprise that startups are trying to offer an alternative to the sluggishness and annoying compatibility issues associated with PowerPoint presentations. There are a number of other companies trying to bring presentations to Flash, including Empressr and SlideRocket.