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Eventbrite Registration Gets Even Easier With One-Click Sign Ups For Free Events

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It’s already pretty darn easy to sign up to attend an event on Eventbrite, but I have to admit that there are still times when I grumble about having to fill out a short form. And if you’re an event organizer, you probably want to eliminate any obstacles for potential attendees. That’s why Eventbrite is starting to roll out an even faster sign-up process.

Using the new one-click sign-up process, you can just hit the “Sign up with Facebook” button, and Eventbrite will automatically pull in your name and email address from your Facebook account, so you don’t have to enter the information yourself. (You’ll have to log in to Facebook if you haven’t already, which would require more than one click, but hey, a one-click experience is possible, and either way it’s quick and easy.) And if you don’t want to sign in through Facebook, you can also hit the “Sign up with email” button, in which case you just enter your name and email address.

Here’s how Eventbrite describes the process in a company blog post:

No matter which option the attendee uses, both give them a simplified, faster registration process. We’ve removed multiple button clicks, input fields, page loads, and brought down to a single page with a single button and voila! You’re done!

For starters, Eventbrite says it’s only making this available to free events in U.S. English with only one ticket type that are only collecting “basic attendee information (name, email).” That seems like the best fit for this model — since the organizer doesn’t need credit card info or much other information — but Eventbrite plans to continue rolling this out to other event types based on user feedback.

You can test out the new sign-up process here.